The Fish and The Dog

One day a little girl went down to the lake by her house. She was carrying her brand new small plastic toy dog.

She stepped out onto the dock and tripped just a little. The dog dropped from her hands, “PLOP!”, into the lake. It sank out of sight immediately. The girl cried and cried until her mother came and helped her back to the house.

One day a catfish was swimming along at the bottom of his lake, when, “PLOP!”, a small plastic toy dog stuck in the mud just in front of him. What good fortune! The young fish was delighted to have a new toy. He popped it into his mouth and took it home.

He played with that dog every day, bouncing it up and down, taking it for swims, and showing it off at his school.

One day many years later the catfish had grown up, and no longer had time for the small plastic toy dog. His family and his work was so much fun that he didn’t need it anymore. He popped it into his mouth, swam towards the shore, and “PLOP!”, spit it up on the shore.

One day a big girl was walking along the shore of the lake by her house when, “PLOP!”, a small plastic toy dog popped up onto the shore. It reminded her of something that happened to her years ago, when she was only a little girl.